Architectural · January 1, 2020

Heatherwick Studios

9 timber framed independent arts studios, which were clad in stainless steel, with one off jigs used to create cloud-like forms in the steelwork.

Working partly onsite and in the Heatherwick workshop, we created a one-off mangle to turn the 1mm thick stainless steel into crumpled shapes that would then be attached to the timber frame buildings we had erected earlier in the year.

8 months of work later, 9 fantastic units were opened to the students. The stainless steel reflects the trees and sunlight atop the hillside on the university campus.

As featured in Heatherwick’s latest book.

I also had the pleasure of working on a number of smaller projects in the studio; one was prototyping the cladding that you see at Guy’s Hospital, London bridge.